Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Start of Yet Another New Project, The Battle Of The Little Bighorn

I've been doing some reading and after perusing the Great Battles in History series I decided to use some of my Giant brand cowboys as 7th Cavalry. Here are 4 units of 6. The sabres are a fanciful addition by me. Oddly enough, the subject of US cavalry is well covered by the toy soldier makers, yet I seldom see anyone game the Pony Wars anymore. More to come.

Ykreol casualties.

SPYK 01 - Battaille de Little Big Horn, les derniers moments de Custer.

This set has 80 figures (40 horses and 40 men) and costs around $30. The company has done similar sets for the Camerone, Teutoberger Wald (I want this one) and promises an 1812 retreat from Moscow set.

As you can see, they detail is good and I must say they paint up well.

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