Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Terry Wise Article: Making Napoleonic Artillery

This is another of Terry Wise's articles that appeared in Airfix Magazine of December 1979. It offers conversions of the Airfix Waterloo sets and suggest how to make limbers and caissons. Again, I had to take an angled photo (mine and my camera's limitations) but you can open it with Windows Photo Gallery and enlarge it to read the fine print.

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Most Influential Article From Battle Magazine

I stumbled upon this magazine at a hobby store in the early 1980's. I was a teen with a great interest in the Airfix, Atlantic and Giant toy soldiers I had, indeed, already begun to convert Indians into French lancers, and my thumbs into pincushions for XActo blades. Having been raised in the country, the town library was the school library, and it was limited to say the least. When we moved to the City, I discovered the Peter Young book "The Wargame" and several Donald Featherstone tomes. Battle magazine was right up my street, so I bought what I could. Inside the June 1976 (vol. 3, No. 6) edition, there was an article by Peter Linnell. It literally changed my whole perspective on what was possible with my Airfix figures. As before, I apologize for the quality and slanted perspective, but each image can be enlarged. Let me know if anyone wants close ups of some of the pictures.

An Old Article By The Late Terry Wise

Airfix magazine ran a series of articles by Terry Wise that featured Napoleonic armies based on the limited number of Airfix ho/oo figures available at the time. I know some other blogs have posted similar articles, but they don't seem to have done this set yet. There were many articles done by Terry Wise, and I think I have most if not all. So here is the first, the Russian Army. I apologize for the slanted perspective, but my digital camera always has the flash, and that created flares on the pages that obliterate the print. All images can be enlarged, just right click and select "OPEN LINK IN NEW TAB".

Kexholm Regiment Courtesy of Esci and Warflag

Here's my Esci Russian Napoleonic Kexholm Regiment. Strait forward figures except the flag bearers who used to load muskets. The flags were printed from the Warflag site: http://www.warflag.com/napflags/flaghtml/russindx.htm.
I base coated the figures black, then blocked in the colors. I used the Charles Grant large regimental formation from his Seven Years War book "The Wargame" of 48 foot and 4 officers and flagbearers and drummers and 1 mounted officer. I declined to make a mounted officer and used instead the two on foot in the Esci set. They are mounted three to a base on wooden dominos, that measure 3/4 of an inch deep by 1.5 inches wide. The flock is standard Games Workshop ground cover.