Saturday, March 7, 2015

English Civil War

First up are some of my Little Lead Soldier company figures. I painted these up as Royalists. I also made a version of Peter Gilder's Gentleman Pensioners, but I did err in the numbers and in the banner. I blame my watching Family Guy while painting. A Minifigs Charles the First is in attendance.

Next are a mix of figures from the Parliamentary side, Warrior Miniatures 20mm and some more Dollar  Store conversions.

These last three images are of some game pieces from Sid Meier's Civilization Board game. I picked them up in a bagful of toys from ebay. While they aren't especially accurate, they do look the part. I added pikemen from World War 2 Dollar Store soldiers.

Airfix Cuirassier And Giant Horses

I had a large number of Airfix Waterloo French Cuirassier about, and many spare horses. As a lot of you know, the plastic can get brittle with age. Typically, I use a pin vice drill and some florist wire to help mount the Airfix horses onto a wooden base, in this case a domino. But brittleness can mean actually splitting a horse in two with drilling. So I cast about for a solution and decided upon the Giant horses from Thailand. That left the sheepskins and shebraques. So I made them with plasticene. I chose a common pose, not a really nice one, but I used them up in this way.  I made a regiment of 24 with 6 extras, a trumpeter, an elite company trumpeter in a white bearskin, 2 officers, and 2 special officers, a senior in bicorne and a fanciful one with an animal skin shebraque.

I also made some earlier figures and terrain. This is a Vauban gateway based on a model of Ian Weekly, featured in Miniature Wargames.

This is a small Napoleonic unit of Chasseurs A Cheval. They are the Thailand cowboys with plasticene additions.