Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lucky Toys 132 Piece Roman Soldier Set Addendum

I found another box of Lucky Toys Romans. As you can see the box fits inside the cardboard mailer perfectly.

The box top.



Nice art from the ad on the front side.

Inside are the usual contents, but these are a little different. They are hard plastic, but actually fairly strong plastic. Also there are some differences.

Here are the catapults and their ammo. The ammo is two piece hard plastic, and these catapults actually do work. You hold the catapult down and flick the spoon part back and release. These do work, unlike the soft plastic ones.

A teaser. These are some of my Giant knights, the same poses one would find in the later issues of Helen of Toy's Gold Crown Game. There are a couple thousand here, all from online purchases. They aren't as rare or expensive as some people would have you believe.


  1. This is the exact set that I owned as a boy. I recognize the labeling on the box, and the working catapults and little shells, and the design of the soldiers. I used to line up each army and then fire the catapult shells at the opposing army and see how many soldiers fell down.

    1. Thanks for sharing that. I had no end of trouble trying to order these comic book toy soldiers as a kid. I only managed to buy the Helen of Toy game "Task Force". As an adult I'm always mindful of finding these toys at flea markets and eBay. I recently picked up a set of knights, they are the same sort of toys as these Romans. I'll post some pix of them this weekend.