Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lucky Toys Conversions - Royal Horse Artillery

Here they are, a two gun battery with an accompanying caisson. The horses are Giant, the men are Lucky Toys 204 Revolutionary War Set cavalry, the guns are Eagle Games, the limbers Airfix RHA, and the caisson was scratch built.

The accompanying artillerymen. I like this close grouping, and will endeavour to repeat this with all my horse artillery.

The battery officers. Marx 7th Cavalry figures on Giant brand horses.

Another shot of the battery grouping.

The gunners in action. 25mm Hinchliffe with Eagle games guns. Base is wood.

A pass in review. I'm sure some have noticed a lack of white plumes on the left side of the helmets. My mistake. I just haven't decided what to do. The helmets are plasticine with the chenile made by painting the plasticene with white glue (PVA) and dippping it in fine sand. I let it dry then paint it.