Saturday, August 11, 2012

More Space Ships

This is another of my space fleets, featuring those soft models I got from the importers. There are a few others, from the Buck Rogers game by TSR, and a couple from another game. The fighters are Star Wars types, Y Wings and Z-95 Headhunters from Studio Bergstrom. The damaged ship is the result of my dog, Maggie, getting a model when I wasn't looking.

My Gorns. I am using Amarillo Design Bureau Star Fleet Battles ships, but with my own paint job. Officially they are supposed to be grey, but that was just a little too boring for me. The round ships are RAFM Silent Death saucers.

Pseudo Cardassians with escort from a couple of Studio Bergstroms. The planet is just a styrofoam ball painted and coated with white glue.

A close up of the Cardassian - like ships. As you can see, these cheap import models have a fair amount of detail. I painted these with acrylics, a straw colour, then washed with a brown.

My Narn-esque fleet in front of another planet. A couple of Agents Of Gaming Narn Frazi fighters standing in as light cruisers.

Home made freighters.

A Q ship that can stand in as an armed escort or as an auxilliary carrier.


  1. If you ever want to reinforce your Buck Rogers ships, these guys have them (and they're CHEAP):

    The main drawback are quantities--doesanyone really need 360 warbirds? I bought the gun turrets awhile back. Very neat little models, but I have way, way more than I will ever need. I've tried to sell them for next to nothing at flea markets, but no takers. If anyone reading this is interested....

  2. Thanks for this post, I've been eyeing the Buck Rogers ships and wondering how they would paint up.

    1. Thanks for looking. I'm currently painting up some fighters as warbirds for an ongoing scenario. Scientific Supply has them, but they only ship to US customers. EBay has them, a guy who calls himself Oscardalibrarian sells them too:

  3. I put in my order with Science Supply this week and am eagerly awaiting them. Funny I started out just looking for a few small ships to add to a Space Fleet/Battlefleet Gothic collection I started. Now I'll have over 1000....

  4. They paint up well.
    Mounting them might be a problem though. The warbirds have a flat detailed side and on the other, a teardrop shaped moulding on the hull. You'll have to either use a drill, or maybe hot glue to secure them to the stand. The fighters and shuttles have flat bottoms. Games like Twilight Imperium have a selection of nice ships, but you really should check out Studio Bergstrom, he's fast and has a lot of small spacecraft and fighters

  5. How can they be glued? Model cement? Super glue? White glue?

  6. Hello. There are two kinds of these ships. Most are a hard plastic. I also found some that are soft eraser material. These are the ones I cut up. I glued them with super glue. Another thing to try is to put a dab of white glue on the part, then add a drop of super glue. It crusts up the white glue and is really strong. But it is an ugly join and best for bases or undersides of ships. Message me (I moderate the comments so no one sees them until I publish them) your email. I'llsend you some eraser ships.

  7. Oops! I guess you are asking about the Buck Rogers fighters. I use a drop of hot glue.
    Super glue works too, but it can run and ruin your paint job. I found that if the mini pops off the hot glue, a drop of super glue sets it back in place.

  8. I have a new post in the works with these little ships. I should have it up by the weekend. I'll include some pix of how I base them.