Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Not Quite The Final Frontier

My Klingon-esque ship being hard done by courtesy of some green aliens ships that may have been Rawl Plugs.

Amarillo Design Bureau Federation Carrier with two Old Cruiser escort and 2 Studio Bergstrom frigates as consorts. The heavy wooden base is a necessity, as the mini is just too heavy for the plastic bases.

A Federation like cruiser about to give the order to "Abandon Ship!".

A bashed heavy dreadnaught.

As close as I'll get to a Federation like heavy cruiser with this lot. Small cruisers in the background.

Medium class ships made from poker chips and bits from other ships.

The fleet is growing.

I found a lot of these soft rubber space ships at a local importer store. On their own they aren't bad, but the UFO saucer types needed to be made more Federation like. The eraser like material is easy to cut with an Xacto. Also a lot of the ships can be cut up to make other smaller vessels. My Google bug a boo of misplaced text continues apace....


  1. I do like the blue/white colour scheme. White with a blue wash I presume?

    When I painted my Federation Star Trek minis (many years ago) I did them as dark grey drybrushed with successive coats of lighter gray. However, if I ever go back to them, you've inspired me to repqaint them bluey-white. :)

  2. Hello. The blue ships were painted a flat acrylic white and given a watered down wash of Blue acrylic Tole paint.
    The makers I use are the usual sort available from Wal Mart or Michaels and Dollar stores. The Tole paint was from a Dollar store, the maker is Miracle, from Montreal I believe. The Tole paint is itself a wash, but it's a little too dark unless you water it down.