Tuesday, June 22, 2021

They’re On The Moon

 The Prussians.

Definitely a work in progress. The fine Airfix Hussars are an eBay purchase from 15 years ago. Great figures, all they need are a couple of paint touch ups and a seal of wax to hold that enamel paint in place.

More Prussians, artillery this time. I did the ammo wagon based on a lead mini I saw, but I have yet to paint in the spokes and shadows.

These are lead 25mm Warrior Miniatures. They actually fit in nicely next to Airfix. The horses are a bit beefier and in spite of a thicker stand, they look comparable. The riders are thin and could fit a plastic horse.

My Brunswickers. Originally just Airfix, but Hat has made some nice figures. The Command base is the Duke and company, Hinchliffe and Minifigs. The cannon are Tradition 25mm.

The lancers are some of my first home cast figures. A modified Confederate Civil War Artillery rider with a plastic spruce czapka. Mounted on Atlantic horses.


  1. More lovely figures. Those conversions to produce the uhlans is brilliant! The hussars look to be really well done, can't tell the need for touching up from the photos. True 25 mm figures blend in really well, as you say. That limber is marvellous.
    Regards, James

    1. As for touch ups, it’s basically the swords and some sword arms.
      I agree, the original owner did a marvellous job mounting and painting the minis. I bought them as a lot and it appears they were part of a home brewed Waterloo game. I am currently touching up and wax coating some cuirassier and dragoon units. They were not always painted “de rigueur” so some aspects of uniform are a little different. I also added a few trumpeters and officers of my own doing just to add some variation.