Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Some of Those Touch Ups I Mentioned Earlier

 These are Airfix Waterloo Cuirassier I bought painted from eBay over a decade ago.

Enamel paints, some chipping as expected but otherwise excellent. 

Not painted entirely to history, but impressive enough by paint job and sheer numbers.

I ended up adding a few horsemen to make units of 24 horse plus 4 extras.

I made up a few extra trumpeters from pictures in the Bucquoy series of books.


  1. Great looking minis here, ready for the battle!

  2. Hang the details and the horse bases, they are still a stirring sight.

  3. Thanks Phil and Ross, they do look good. I do coat them with floor wax which does help protect and give them a bit of a shine.

  4. It's marvellous, and somewhat rare, to see so many Airfix cuirassiers actually painted as Napoleonic French cuirassiers (and dragoons), such was/is their widespread adaptability. I really like your conversions too. The Bucquoy books are wonderful inspiration aren't they? Also great just to leaf through and enjoy!
    Regards, James

  5. I think I should do a post about Bucquoy’s uniform books. I have 5 or 6, but there are more than that. As for availability, I have been lucky to track down copies for around $20, but many sellers jack up the price.