Monday, June 21, 2021

Dutch And Belgian And Nassau Soldiers For Waterloo


Here’s some of the troops. I still have more, some of which I posted before. In the rear are a couple squadrons of Dutch Carabineers.

The Belgians seem to have been relegated to the rear of the big photo, so here they are themselves.

I made a battery of Dutch Horse Artillery. The mounted Officer is a Giant figure.

More artillery, this time wholly Airfix.

The big guns are also Dutch. Again I am using stand in cannons for now.

And now the Nassau contingent. I am missing a couple of bases of troops I posted in the past. Also I was short a couple of companies of troops. C’est la guerre...

And finally, a return to Britain as I post or repost those Giant conversions I bought on eBay oh so long ago..

Even led by Michael Wilding!

I hope they have a brighter future on the wargame table than they did in the movie.


  1. Absolutely magnificent Doug. Old Airfix never die, they just look better and better, as yours do!
    Regards, James

  2. Thank you James! I like mixing up the makers for more variety, but those Airfix miniatures are the best for line infantry. Here’s a link to my original Dutch soldiers:
    Here’s the original Giant Scots Greys: