Thursday, June 17, 2021

Some French Napoleonics

 I thought I had better post some toys, so here are a few I’ve been working on:

Suitable for the anniversary of Waterloo. 

Even “Le Rougeaux” is in the lead.

I suspect Colonel Heymmes is off asking Napoleon for more troops....

My Chasseurs A Cheval de la Garde Imperiale.

Airfix Waterloo British Hussars with new busbies and plumes.

Napoleon and Davout are Strelets command figures.

I also added a squadron of Young Guard Chasseurs:

I’ve been doing artillery as well.

I bought a bunch of Hat stuff, but I don’t like how they go together (or don’t), so I’m going it alone with balsa wood, toothpicks and spare wheels. The riders are lead Hinchliffe artillery riders that are kinda small for 25mm, but they fit in here.

The guns are just stand ins for now.

It’s hard to find enough Gribeauval carriages.

Esci are the best, but I don’t have more than a dozen so far, and the Italeri/Zvezda Guard Horse artillery guns are too small. However, their horses and teams are a perfect set, easy to assemble and they stay assembled. However, the caisson might be a fiddle, as I have yet to see a limber of this sort outside of the British style. Anyway, I did a couple of gun crews in the same style as the Chasseurs A Cheval. 

The buildings are just blocks of wood I painted.


  1. Very nice Doug, very nice indeed.

  2. Thank you Paul for the kind words.
    I see that your own toy soldier blog mentions using Future Floor Wax to gloss your figures. Here they’ve changed the product name and it is more runny and less glossy. They now call it Pledge. I find that change a bit unfortunate, as I liked the shiny gloss look.

    1. They're always changing things and not always for the better. It might be better for floors I suppose.
      PVA glue works well but it's always a bit scary putting thick white glue on your paintjob.