Thursday, March 17, 2016

An Interesting Garage Sale Find

I found these card soldiers at a Saturday garage sale long ago. A friend was coming over to look at some of my old 54mm western toys with an eye to buying some, and I found these in a bag between a couple of containers.

These are printed on hard cardstock and quite large. I put a Garrison 25mm Cavalryman next to the last picture. Targeteer? That's one we don't often see on ECW wargame tables, unless it's Scottish or Irish?
Unusual paper soldiers with snippets of information. I wonder if any wargamers were introduced to the hobby with these paper dolls?


  1. Yes, I had these as a child, and another set of knights through the ages. Certainly the latter came in a yellow folder, and the pages were perforated. If I recall the German knight was my favourite with great horns on his helm. I think we picked them up at a castle in North Wales, possibly Beaumaris, in the mid 70's.

  2. Thanks for sharing that! I never saw these growing up, but they are similar o some paper doll sets my sisters had, except theirs were printed in colour and the clothes had bits of lace or other material glued to the add on clothing.

  3. It would be lovely if you could scan and share these! Copyright wont't be an issue after so long.