Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Easy Terrain And Comic Book Soldiers

Over the years I have amassed near 2000 of those old comic book soldiers sold as "204 Revolutionary War Soldier Set" by Lucky Toys. I took some and painted them up as American Revolutionary soldiers with Warflag printed paper flags.

I also reworked those French Horse Grenadiers and finished a unit of Dragoons.

I also picked up a Woodlands Scenics set of 6 large trees. I mounted them on carved blue board insulation. I glued sand onto the base then painted it.
I have some nice home made rivers and streams done in the GW style, but I also wanted to make some easy rivers for various wargames. I bought some coloured foam from Michaels and made these two sections. I had a Dollar Store plastic bridge so I made the river sections to fit.

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