Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dollar Store Soldiers

Well it has been over a month so I better follow up on my resolution to create a blog.
My first real post will be about converting cheap dollar store soldiers into ones from different eras.
I took some Airfix 8th Army copies and made them into War of the Spanish Succession era soldiers. They are loosely based on Bavarian soldiers around the time of the battle of Blenhiem.
Firstly, I selected soldiers that had a suitable pose, then I cleaned them up with an Xacto. Then I mounted them three to a base. I used wooden Dominos from the dollar store. You get 28 for a dollar, sometimes 56 for a dollar and a half. Then I add detail or rather block out detail with plasticine by making long coats, adding large cuffs and haversack/backpacks. I then paint the figure with PVA - white glue. I then start painting, usually a dark colour, then highlight with a lighter colour, leaving dark colour to show around the edges. I also add a tricorne hat out of plasticene and paint it with PVA. Then I do the cuffs, skin, the musket, pack and hat. I paint the figure again with PVA and this gives it a nice clear coat. Once dry I paint some PVA around the base and dip it into sand. Once this dries I paint it with diluted green and drybrush a light tan.
The nice thing about this sort of conversion is that you end up with a unique soldier. Also the cost is minimal, and you end up with a cheap and effective looking wargame unit.

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  1. I just found your blog now.

    Those 8th Army conversions are brilliant, really clever !

    Nice stuff, very impressed.