Saturday, June 20, 2020

Back Again

Well it's been a couple years and there's a few new things to report....

First, sad news as after more than a 20 year run, Tabitha has passed.

A regular on the blog, whether wanted or not, Tabitha has gone on to greener pastures.
As for me, the old homestead is just the same.
I survived a couple more Canadian winters...

Work has been, well, work.
Much of the year I've been riding the bus, to and from work in the dark...
But I took a look at my life, and decided on a change.
So I bid adieu to the workaday world.
They gave me a nice send off.

And I've learned to relax.
Things were percolating nicely. I quit in the New Year, then Covid 19 struck. Like the rest of you I spent time at home trying not to get sick or pass anything on to others...

I also spent time reading and rereading my histories of the Civil War...
Uhhhh, ENGLISH civil war.
And I also reread the classics..
And with the coming of spring I reacquainted myself with biking.
And spent time visiting old work mates over lunch.
But the correspondence school self defense lessons were a bust.

Ordering hobby supplies has been dicey, but the mailman is friendly as ever.
So now, like everyone else, I am dreaming of taking a nice vacation on a beach somewhere...


  1. Sorry to hear about Tabitha. But congrats on retirement, no life like it!

  2. Thank Ross!
    I spent quite a while painting and catching up on DVD sets I've ordered over the years. I found a great freeware program that plays pretty much any regional DVD's, so I've been buying stuff from all over.
    As for Tabitha, she's been succeeded, but not replaced.
    Smokey now rules the roost, and he'll show up on the blog soon enough.
    Technical troubles still bedevil me as Windows 10 isn't my favorite, and it works on again and off again with my tablet, my camera, my phone...(Sigh).

  3. Hope it's it's all you expected it to be, I think I will struggle to readjust.
    Have you actually played al those ECW rule sets? I have Folorn Hope and Discovering ECW'gaming but have never played either.

    1. I'll do a run down of the rules, scales, firing, distance morale, etc.
      Charley Wessencraft's book is excellent. He uses smaller units around 20 figures and utilizes officer and flag figures. His scenarios based on historical battles are very good.

  4. Congratulations on your retirement and being back on the blog. Sad to hear of Tabitha's passing but I'm sure you can create a suitable cat flag for a unit.

  5. Well there's enough hair blowing around to knit one I'm afraid. I gotta stop wearing black.