Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Callan The Movie (1974)

This is the first movie, released in 1974.
It features original cast members, Edward Woodward, Russell Hunter, and Clifford Rose and David Prowse.
The DVD is still available in Region 2, but multi regional players are free to download:
Of note is the second wargame table glimpsed in the background. This is Talavera, and it is a smaller board, with Peninsular buildings and some indistinct figure formations. A shame it didn't make the final cut of the movie.


  1. Fantastic stills! Sadly, I never managed to interest a women quite that attractive with palaver about toy soldiers in my younger, unmarried days.

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  2. Callan is an evergreen favourite of mine. I watched the series and this film again recently as my 'paintertainment'. The film does not have the same edge as the series, but it has some good moments, the game scenes amongst them. Don't bother with the second film 'Wet job'—if you have managed to avoid it so far—made on a wet long weekend, I reckon! A failed attempt with a poor story, terrible acting and none of the tension and drama of the series. Most of the original cast stayed out of it. Woodward should have too!

    1. Yes, the last movie is "Wet Job", a spy euphamism for assassination. It has Callan living as David Tucker, a militaria shop owner and live in cuckold of an aging socialite. Kinda sad. It felt more like a one hour episode than a stand alone film. And there was precious little toy soldiery.