Sunday, June 21, 2020


I just did another rewatch of my Callan disks, and I thought a post of some screen captures of the show might be of interest.

Being located in North America, regional dvd's were limited to two seasons:

The first set has several instances of Callan, portrayed by actor and wargamer Edward Woodward, showing his model soldiers.

In one episode of the first set, "Act of Kindness", Callan attends a wargame convention.
Here's some of the screen shots:

It was a pretty good episode.
Callan had to " convince" a businessman to step aside and allow a sleazy co worker advance because he was considered an asset by the government.
Callan mentions the magazine "Miniature Warfare".
The figures are a mix of Airfix conversions and 20mm metal.


  1. Some of the best bits in that episode are the stop-motion animation of parts of the games being played. The pre-game conversation is pretty amateur - a set of rules that did not allow for canister being more effective? Of course the Pièce de résistance of Callan's wargaming career was the feature film with the final set piece over a refight of Gettysburg - terrain and figures by Peter Gilder. It was featured in Military modelling and Edward Woodward bought the terrain (and figures?) off Peter - all of which reappears in the TTTV Battlefield series that Edward presented.

    1. Somewhere I think I saw Callan with Arthur Taylor's diceless rules. I'll have to do a rewatch.

  2. I managed to see this episode on Youtube, before it was removed. As I watched it on my cell phone, I could save screenshots of it. You got one of my favorites shot, when Callan walking into the Wargame Room, and looks around wide eyed at all the goodies!

    1. YouTube also has the four remaining "Battleground" episodes hosted by Edward Woodward. The terrain is Peter Gilder's and is abscent from the series. Just foam rubber "bread and butter" hills here.