Saturday, January 20, 2018

Ain't It The Way....

After a long haitus I dug out my camera and boxes of painted toys only to find my camera doesn't work anymore.....
So I made an attempt with my android, and here's some "results".

Comic Book Toy Lucky Revolutionary War Artillery.
They look better with wheels pinched from Eagle Games Civil War figures.
Lucky Toys Cavalry as American Militia
American Regulars

The Command Base. One thing you get a lot of in these figures are drummers and musicians.
Some Converted Renaissance Swiss Pikemen
More Conversions. Emhar Rowing Vikings are now becoming Gothic Horse. Hopefully to be at Chalons some day to face my Hun's.
Mars Thirty Years War Artillery. Mars is really going all out with their TYW ranges. I read a couple of Brigadier Peter Young's books on the English Civil War and Edgehill, and guns in this battle were a real mixed lot and rather small in caliber. Not at all like the fire spewing behemoths seen in the movie Cromwell.

So that's some of my figures, the pictures aren't so nice, so I am waiting on a new digital camera.


  1. Lovely and colorful figures Doug!

    1. Thanks Phil. I have more done, but I'll wait until my camera arrives...

  2. I'm used to looking at my own fuzzy pictures so can extrapolate to see these as a bunch of rather good conversions!

  3. Thanks Ross! I have a whack more in the wings, just waiting on an eBay purchase to take pix. Not that the figures will look better.......but still....

    I had mentioned in the previous post about meeting a local 1/72nd gamer.
    He and his son have incredible amounts of figures, pretty much all Napoleonic French and British, so I was pestering him to start a blog. I hope they do. The son has four figures of French cavalry!

  4. Great post Doug. It's always pleasing to see old figures 'ride again' and to see creative conversions. Those comic book soldiers look so fine when painted. Mars figures are a bit the same, I reckon. They can look a bit rough unpainted, but look really good when the colour is added and detail brought out.
    More please!