Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hard Plastic Marx Miniatures: Knights and Barbarians

I've found these figures in collections of other ebay purchases. There are two types, Knights in shining armour, and various barbarians.
They are produced in brittle hard plastic and hand painted at the factory.
Size wise, they are bigger than 1/72 scalle, and a few are over 30mm tall, but most are 25-28mm tall.
Here are the barbarians:
I imagine that there are some of these figures in soft plastic somewhere. I have some soft plastic 25mm copies of Elastolin Romans and Barbarians.
There are at least 8 poses in my toys.

The knights are a more ecclectic mix of knights and supporting troops:

Some of the knights are really quite impressive:

The catapults are operational, but the rubber bands are crumbling:
I really don't know much about these toys. So like the Helen of Toy stuff, I'll just keep adding to this post as time goes on.


  1. Doug, These were originally from the Knights & Vikings playset in the Miniature Masterpiece series. I still remember the excitement of getting one as well as the annual wishing with the Sears Christmas catalog and eventual joy of the Over The Top set.

    Here are links to:
    1) Pictures of some of my survivors and a picture of the boxtop from somewhere

    2) A link to shots of some of the other sets:

    3) and more picturs of other sets.

    Many of the figures appeared as 6omm Warriors of the word and Orion included some of the vikings in their 1/72nd set. I believe Giant also copied some of the poses.

  2. I like the 'standing around' poses as day I intend to paint one of each to a higher standard than Louis Marx did!


    1. I really like these figures as well. Considering their current cost and age, it's a shame not to get them out for a game now and then.