Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Some Oddments I’ve Been Working On

 I’ve taken a bit of a break now that the lock down is over (for now…) by getting out and walking and listening to podcasts.

So here’s some items I’ve had on the go for a while now…

Polish Napoleonic lancers from the Grand Duchy of Warsaw, and a couple of fanciful horse guns. Giant toys with Esci riders. The lancers are Esci lancers on Thai Giant copies with plasticine shebraques.

Austrian foot artillery and an ammunition wagon. Odd looking  perhaps but I based it on a Minifigs model I saw in a French wargame magazine, “Uniformes”.

A selection of stuff. Heading is a group of Mexican militia. Suitable for Cinco De Mayo or even the Mexican Civil War. Converted Indians from the Lucky toys Revolutionary War Set.

Next is a toy coach I dolled up to be a European coach, suitable for a highway man or woman (Mary Ferrers) or for Marlborough to offer to Clerembault.

In the centre  is a Hinchliffe 25mm Marshal Murat from their Personalities range. I always had a weak spot for Hinchliffe. The other weak spot was in my wallet which couldn’t afford them way back when.

The coach again making a hasty exit stage right.

Finally a mix of 25 mm figures. I often buy mixed lots of figures and this is a result. Several Spanish generals painted up rather fancifully, one was horseless so he got a plasticine saddle and a Thai Giant horse. The Royal Foot Artillery guys are manning a gun from Eagle Games.

In the back are a couple of Minifig ADC’s painted up as fanciful dudes, maybe Spanish?

And the rest are Prince August Waterloo figures. I love finding these in eBay purchases as their lack of detail and over all smoothness make them true toy soldiers that look great in bright colours and gloss.

Well, that’s it for now.

I’m still working on Edgehill. Hope to have it up soon.


  1. Great work Doug, you have some smashing soldiers there.

    1. Thank you Paul. Btw, I kinda gave up on the new floor wax, it really is inconsistent, some flat areas, some semi gloss. I went back to a Dollar Store product called Puzzle Saver. I pay a $1.25 for it but Walmart has it for $15!
      Anyway it is better than Mod Podge as MP never really dries, it always stays tacky. Dust, hair and all sorts of crap sticks to it. Leave your toys on an open shelf and come back to them later and find a battalion of dust bunnies.

  2. Great looking figures.

    I haven't had (or seen in person) any Giant's for decades but I am still nostalgic about them.

    1. Hi Ross. Giant figures are no where near as rare as some may think. I still come across pieces at garage sales and as the population ages I'm sure more will come out of basements and attics. One nice thing about them is that they seem to resist the deterioration that Airfix and Esci figures exhibit, the crubly, cracking and breaking.