Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Some of Those Touch Ups I Mentioned Earlier

 These are Airfix Waterloo Cuirassier I bought painted from eBay over a decade ago.

Enamel paints, some chipping as expected but otherwise excellent. 

Not painted entirely to history, but impressive enough by paint job and sheer numbers.

I ended up adding a few horsemen to make units of 24 horse plus 4 extras.

I made up a few extra trumpeters from pictures in the Bucquoy series of books.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

They’re On The Moon

 The Prussians.

Definitely a work in progress. The fine Airfix Hussars are an eBay purchase from 15 years ago. Great figures, all they need are a couple of paint touch ups and a seal of wax to hold that enamel paint in place.

More Prussians, artillery this time. I did the ammo wagon based on a lead mini I saw, but I have yet to paint in the spokes and shadows.

These are lead 25mm Warrior Miniatures. They actually fit in nicely next to Airfix. The horses are a bit beefier and in spite of a thicker stand, they look comparable. The riders are thin and could fit a plastic horse.

My Brunswickers. Originally just Airfix, but Hat has made some nice figures. The Command base is the Duke and company, Hinchliffe and Minifigs. The cannon are Tradition 25mm.

The lancers are some of my first home cast figures. A modified Confederate Civil War Artillery rider with a plastic spruce czapka. Mounted on Atlantic horses.

Monday, June 21, 2021

Dutch And Belgian And Nassau Soldiers For Waterloo


Here’s some of the troops. I still have more, some of which I posted before. In the rear are a couple squadrons of Dutch Carabineers.

The Belgians seem to have been relegated to the rear of the big photo, so here they are themselves.

I made a battery of Dutch Horse Artillery. The mounted Officer is a Giant figure.

More artillery, this time wholly Airfix.

The big guns are also Dutch. Again I am using stand in cannons for now.

And now the Nassau contingent. I am missing a couple of bases of troops I posted in the past. Also I was short a couple of companies of troops. C’est la guerre...

And finally, a return to Britain as I post or repost those Giant conversions I bought on eBay oh so long ago..

Even led by Michael Wilding!

I hope they have a brighter future on the wargame table than they did in the movie.

They’re Coming On In The Same Old Style


I’ve been working on D’Erlon’s attack for a while now. Just another 100 to go...

The musicians and colours are old Giant Napoleonics. The mounted figure is another Strelets figure on an unknown maker’s horse.

Some of my British soldiers:

Mostly Airfix Waterloo troops. It’s taken a while to amass enough figures with the same pose.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Some French Napoleonics

 I thought I had better post some toys, so here are a few I’ve been working on:

Suitable for the anniversary of Waterloo. 

Even “Le Rougeaux” is in the lead.

I suspect Colonel Heymmes is off asking Napoleon for more troops....

My Chasseurs A Cheval de la Garde Imperiale.

Airfix Waterloo British Hussars with new busbies and plumes.

Napoleon and Davout are Strelets command figures.

I also added a squadron of Young Guard Chasseurs:

I’ve been doing artillery as well.

I bought a bunch of Hat stuff, but I don’t like how they go together (or don’t), so I’m going it alone with balsa wood, toothpicks and spare wheels. The riders are lead Hinchliffe artillery riders that are kinda small for 25mm, but they fit in here.

The guns are just stand ins for now.

It’s hard to find enough Gribeauval carriages.

Esci are the best, but I don’t have more than a dozen so far, and the Italeri/Zvezda Guard Horse artillery guns are too small. However, their horses and teams are a perfect set, easy to assemble and they stay assembled. However, the caisson might be a fiddle, as I have yet to see a limber of this sort outside of the British style. Anyway, I did a couple of gun crews in the same style as the Chasseurs A Cheval. 

The buildings are just blocks of wood I painted.