Sunday, June 28, 2020

The Equalizer: An American Callan

In the early 1980's a series was created in the US for a one hour format.
"The Equalizer" was loosely based on Callan, but with differences.
Set in New York, the main character was Robert McCall, an ex CIA spy and assassin who walked away from "The Company" to start his own career as a white knight for the downtrodden.
Unlike Callan, McCall was wealthy, driving a Jaguar, living in his own New York apartment, and owning several chic safe houses.
Unlike Callan, McCall wasn't a wargamer.
But, in the fourth season, an episode featured wargames that had many echo's harking back to "A Magnum For Schneider".
Once again, it is Gettysburg that is the main wargame. The figures are mostly Britain's. The other four tables are mentioned by the generals on them; Julius Caesar; Napoleon; George Washington; and Rommel. Sadly we don't see them.
But one of the characters flips a table at the end with the clatter of some toys on the floor.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Callan: The Monochrome Years

The original pilot was a one hour "Armchair Theater" presentation called "A Magnum For Schneider".
It was remade very faithfully in 1974 as " Callan: The Movie".
Very similar to the series, very little changed, even the music from the pilot remained.
It also introduced Callan as a wargamer.
Later in the series, Callan is shown painting 54mm figures, but no wargaming.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Callan The Movie (1974)

This is the first movie, released in 1974.
It features original cast members, Edward Woodward, Russell Hunter, and Clifford Rose and David Prowse.
The DVD is still available in Region 2, but multi regional players are free to download:
Of note is the second wargame table glimpsed in the background. This is Talavera, and it is a smaller board, with Peninsular buildings and some indistinct figure formations. A shame it didn't make the final cut of the movie.