Friday, December 10, 2021

Cheap Medieval Figures ****Updated****

 I’ve looked at Ali Baba and other places and noticed Caesar minis for sale in loose bunches.

Largely these have been World War 2 types, but I saw these medieval types on eBay:

I checked on plastic soldier review and these are indeed Caesar minis, from these sets:

European Knights:

So for $12-16 US, one can get 200 figures in 12 poses which is the equivalent of 4 boxes of Caesar.

I picked up some.

I’ll add some pix once (if) they arrive.

My hope is that these are releases by Ceasar under licence and not just pirates, and that they release cavalry and ancients.

If they do chariots from the Hittites I’ll faint and hit the floor.


Well it’s December 22, and the soldiers arrived yesterday.

11 days from order to my house, very good considering it’s Christmas season!

So what did I get?

I ordered a double dose of figures, that is 400 of them.

I received four bags of figures:

The package label is a ubiquitous one showing larger 54mm type figures with horses:

The figures themselves are of a hard plastic, which is a relief as the original Caesar figures were notoriously soft with rubber twisty weapons that were often difficult to straighten, and bent figures that had a tendency to lean and fall over.

Their use is pretty broad, as medieval types go, but I can see the heavily armoured pole axe figure being a “stand in” for Swiss infantry or even bill men in Wars of The Roses scenarios.

The heavily armoured types could also pad out an army of Lord of The Rings armies along with those Dark Dream Alliance sets.

They are 1/72 scale:

So for around $20 bucks I ended up with 400 little guys that look pretty good.

(After I posted this I sat down to count the figures and they do vary, from 180 plus to 190, so you don’t quite get 200 figures.)

I can only hope they continue to release other periods in a like manner, along with mounted figures.


  1. Back in the early 2000's, when the Canadian dollar was high, and shipping was low I got a ton of extra miniatures for Eagle game's lines. The horses are nice, though they have a 19th C kit They are still cheap as heck but I suspect the shipping is insane.

    1. Hello Pete. I too have quite a few Eagle games items. Shipping is high, but if you order a lot, it doesn’t seem so bad.