Saturday, October 3, 2020

Airfix’s Battle of Waterloo Wargame

I finally tracked down a copy for myself.

 It looks pretty much complete. Some damage as expected. The figures are hard styrene plastic, but the familiar Airfix Waterloo figures.
The French. The bases have the names of the divisional or brigade commanders. These are water slide decals provided on a separate sheet.
The Allied side. These guys have more damage and a couple of missing figures. Also both commanders flags have snapped off. The black base has raised areas for the tan bases to fit.

Some of the extras included in this set. Bases and a few figures. Some of the cavalry bases (only the Allied side) are quite small and narrow, but the figures do stand up.
The time/casualty tracker dial. An interesting piece, the indicators are independent. The game is divided into 15 minute moves, and Napoleon has to get a victory before the Prussians arrive.
The movement calipers. These are two piece items that click together. The backside is notched to keep the calipers at the selected distance. They also serve for artillery fire range.

The vinyl battle Matt. This one has been rolled up roughly for some time and has creases and wants to roll up again. But I think some mild heat from a hair dryer or some such might help the vinyl relax and smooth out.
Close up of Hougomont. Note the numbered black rectangles. This is for the placement of units at the start of the game.
La Haye Sainte. 
Mont St. Jean.
Environs of Pappelotte.
Compass Rose.
A second sheet of water slide decals for the bases included in my purchase.
The Rule book.
I won’t post the rules as the blog “Vintage Wargaming” asked Airfix for permission and posted them.
So here’s the link for that:


HERE’s the rules:

He also has more pages on the game, just advance to “newer post”.

In response to request for more pix of the calipers:

Some box art on the sides:


  1. Thanks Doug for sharing the contents, I have not seen this set in detail before. I look forward to hearing how it plays out in future.

    1. You know, I kind of have an idea to transpose the game onto a larger surface.
      Different map, different figures, same basic game.
      Keep posted.

  2. Great stuff Doug, looking forward to seeing it in action.

    1. Yes it was a lucky find, a “make offer” eBay post that I was lucky to buy.

  3. Lovely find, I have one with a good box but the contents shot to bits! I did handle mint ones a few years ago and they are a thing of joy and beauty! So much thought went into the packageing . . .


    1. Hi Hugh! The figures survived largely intact, but the brittle plastic bug a boo seems to be affecting the black package base as there are cracks and a couple of broken off corners.....

    2. It's quite complicated as inner-liners go, as it has to look pretty with the two stacks of uncut runners when you open it and then take all the glued-together unit stands after you've followed the instructions, clever; but lots of angles which are weak points in a vac-formed sheet.

      I may bin my box - just keep the figures - if the liner is good I'll bear you in mind for both, as I know the box is OK, but don't wait-out, I haven't found them in the garage yet . . . maybe next summer!


  4. Congratulations on getting the game. The one thing that interested me the most in this game is the calipers. I am interested in how well they work.

  5. I’ll take a couple more pix and add to the bottom of this post.
    The calipers are in two parts and the snap together at the apex where a metal ring is mounted in the plastic.

  6. A wonderful post about a brilliant find. What vintage is it? I too look forward to reading more as you explore this further.
    Regards, James

    1. Hello James. I went over the game and the publications inside.
      The only date I found was on the box, “1975”.
      I do have some “Battle for Wargames” and “Military Modelling” from that time, but I don’t recall seeing the ad for the game.

  7. Wow I played this with my brother (sadly gone now ) when I was a kid. I seem to remember the British cannons had longer range

  8. My brother had this game, always liked it. Hadn't used it in years. Sadly he threw it out about 10 years ago. Was complete with little damage.