Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Is It Just Me?........

In keeping with the slightly off topic posts of the past month, I have to share this one.
I order a lot of stuff.
Amazon, Ebay. Etsy, direct from some companies.
America, China, Korea, Europe, Thailand, lots of places.
So I have an old bed at home.
I've had it for years and years, and it has seen better days.
I bought it at Sears many moons ago when I was an employee.
Well it is long past the time to replace it.
The box spring is good, but the mattress needs replacing.
I went to and ordered this:

It was a good price, all positive reviews.
So I ordered it.
I followed the tracking number and waited for the delivery.
This morning a guy shows up at the door from Fed Ex.
Says I have to help him carry the box from the truck.
I get my coat and boots (it's winter here) and head out.
My mattress is laying open on the bed of the truck.
The driver keeps repeating "it just popped open", "Just happened!" like a kid who got caught.
I sighed, and then said, "No way. I'm not accepting a bed that's been lying in the bottom of a delivery truck."
Driver said "You have to accept it!"
I went in the house to call Fed Ex.
In the meantime the old biddy neighbors wandered out to enjoy the show.
I called Fed Ex, the lady said the driver would return it.
Unfortunately he had left, but not before dragging the mattress across the driveway of snow, sand and salt.
Maybe I should pitch a tent in the back yard?


  1. Remarkable tale - if it had been a special orthopaedic mattress for people with serious back problems, presumably you would still have been left to struggle? Could you deny ever having seen the mattress? Or maybe one would think that the retailer would be prepared to take action on your behalf against FedEx, but maybe that's not the point either. The worst bit of this is that your story is an extreme version of something which is ever-present.

    Very sad.

  2. Fed Ex returned a couple hours later and hauled it away. Lots of plastic wrap in the drive though. The driver must have kicked the (bleep) out of my bed. I'm waiting to see what Fed Ex will do. The lady on the phone said they'd replace the bed, but who knows? I just want my money back.

    1. In a week or two you will lie on your comfortable new mattress and laugh about this...

  3. Well, I guess I should finish the story.
    FedEx came and hauled away the package, and a couple days later I received word from the mattress company and Amazon that they'd refund my money. So there you have it. I think the fact that I photographed the scene and posted it on my blog (which I sent to Fed Ex with a comment about the evening TV news), and added to that the fact that Amazon and the company had picture proof made things go more smoothly.
    Long story short is that I still have no replacement.
    So I decided to buy locally, even though it will cost another $150 -$200. I supposed I have enough toy soldiers already.... (did I really say THAT?!!)

  4. Local news had a story about another Fed Ex screw up