Thursday, October 1, 2015

Some Photos I Found

A while back I purchased a bag of miniatures from a game called "Sid Meier's Civilization".
There were some ancient types, medieval, renaissance all the way to modern tanks.
I cobbled together the arquebusiers, with rests for their guns, and painted them up. The hat and plume left a little to be desired, but on the whole they weren't bad.
Here they are facing off some French Gendarmes in a Civil War period, with some Mars pikemen, Warrior Arquebuses, Airfix Musketeers and coming up through the trees, some mercenary Scottish pikes, from Crusade Miniatures (sold by Warrior).

The Gendarmes are part of a 200 piece lot I won on ebay years ago. They are Scruby 20mm, and tend to be a bit small compared to today's modern figures. But they have a lot of movement and "je ne sais quoi".
The base is my painted canvas, the buildings are part of a plaster of paris La Haye Sainte. The trees are those pesky styrofoam noodles you often find in shipping boxes. I glued them to toothpicks and set them in drilled holes on a wooden base. Black basecoat and green drybrushing.

Some American War of Independence figures.

These are mostly Airfix, again based on dominos ans organized into units of 6 bases or 18 minis. The green soldiers are lead, 22 mm from Stone Mountain Miniatures. There's a bit of a story there. They became Musket Miniatures, and now Musket Miniatures have sold up and are out of business. I have no idea who is making them now. A real shame. These are nice figures depicting AWI Loyalists.
Also a commander is there from the 204 Revolutionary War set.
**(Edit October 24/2016: The 22mm Musket Miniatures are on sale again, as are their 22mm Civil War figures at: )**

Some Napoleonic British soldiers. These are from a purchase that I made a year or so ago. They are nice figures, but they were painted in Humbrol enamels, so there was/is a fair bit of chipping paint. I did touch ups and sealed with Future Floor Wax.

Warrior Miniatures 25mm  Napoleonic Spanish. nice figures that aren't much bigger than 1/72.

Esci Polish lancers and Strelets Polish lancers in winter uniform/capes. I mounted them on Giant horses.

Two fanciful commanders. 25mm Minifig Napoleonics. Beside them are some of my plasticine conversions, the oft ignored civilians.

1/72 French Foot Dragoons converted with plasticine. The figures are old original Airfix British 8th army, WW2 Germans, and Hong Kong types. The first wurst wagon is made by me, wood and bingo chip wheels.

More of the napoleonic purchase, cavalry, cuirassier mixed in with Warrior cavalry, and more of my painted minor nations.

Some of my civilians. The basis are Airfix 8th Army figures with florist wire and plasticine. The wierd wolf is a supposed Loup Garou, possibly to be seen in a scenario based on the Werewolf of the Auverne.

A tilting frame for some medieval ideas I had in the past. The spectators are converted cowboy figures. 

Byzantines and Hun conversions. The Byzantine/Late Roman guys are Hong Kong copies of Airfix Afrika Korps figures with florist wire spears and large bingo ship shields. I really like the Hinchliffe army featured in the Book "Art of Warfare on Land" by David Chandler. The battle was Daras, and pitted Belisaurius against a Persian horde. The huns are Giant indians converted and led by a Hinchliffe Attila.

Miracle dipped Republican Romans and Celts. Mostly Hat and Revell.

Finally, these guys featured in the background of the Marx Arabs post. They are Airfix Robin Hood types. They're brittle, so a base and heavy coats of Varnish are my attempt to rescue them from falling apart in a box. These were someone's army. They feature paper axe heads and paper shields. 


  1. What a collection!! I've really been admiring your figures and terrain..... the painted cloth is excellent and I really like the converted chaps using plasticine and paper. Would love to get some of the Scruby gendarmes...must look out for those.

    1. Thank you looking! The Scruby figures are still available. I believe the company is Histofig:

      I believe the cavalry I have are "European Style Cavalry". Their 25 mm is 1/72. Their 30 mm are comparable with Minifgs 25 mm. The ones I have are 20mm, comparable with the original Airfix ho/oo sets.
      The cloth terrain are those cheap framed canvases you find in clearance stores. I also spotted cheap art at these stores. Very large canvas prints you might see in a restaurant. They come in 4 foot by 5 foot sections for $10 or $15 dollars. Pretty cheap for a framed table top terrain canvas.

  2. What a smashing post! - excellent - that was a lot of fun.

  3. Liked it a lot- very nostalgic!

  4. Original and so your 'medieval ideas'!