Friday, September 25, 2015

Comic Book Toy Soldiers: Lucky Toys 204 Revolutionary War Set - The Flat Soldiers

I did a post about the Lucky Toys 204 Revolutionary War Set a while back.
Those were the fully round, soft plastic figures that are roughly 1/72 scale.
This post is about the older version, the flat plastic figures.
Their size is roughly 30 mm, so they tower over 1/72, but the horses and guns are close to 1/72 scale.
I don't have complete sets, and the reason is that they are so brittle.
So what I have posted were some examples that I have to hand.
Here's a couple of the old ads from the comic books.

The numbers of soldiers are the same as in the later fully round sets.
I have photographed examples of each pose:

 36 Dragoons (Cavalrymen)
These are pretty close to 1/72 scale. Their brittleness is apparent as legs and tails often go missing.

12 Shooting Infantrymen

12 Marching Infantrymen
Bayonets are especially vulnerable on this pose

12 Crouching Infantrymen
These are pretty close to the shooting pose, just that the knees are slightly bent and the musket is a bit lower.

12 Fifers

12 Charging Infantrymen
This is a nice pose, though I don't see them as charging, more like advancing with musket at the trail.

12 Sharpshooters

12 Field Cannon
These are pretty brittle pieces. They aren't accurate but they do have a sort of charm. They are a good size for 1/72 figures. The two cannon are connected and depict two guns side by side.

12 Cannon Loaders

12 Drummers
These are the nicest, most detailed items in this set.

12 Minute Men
These are just produced in blue, as they are meant to be American troops only.

24 Mohawk Indians
Of note is that there are 12 Indians per side

12 Officers

12 Hessian Troops
As with the Minutemen, these soldiers were meant for one side only.
This is different from the fully round soft plastic figures, as I have examples of blue American grenadiers and red Minutemen. I guess quality control was better back then.

Overall, these are much more brittle than the Roman Soldier sets. Their size, just over 30 mm, makes the foot soldiers incompatible with 1/72 figures and 40 mm figures. As you can see, they are pretty tall:

As an aside, I just photographed the red side. I did intend on standing them up in units, but I had a lot more trouble standing them up than I did with the Roman sets. Eventually I gave up. So with that in mind, here's the blue pile:


  1. Ahhhh the happy hours pouring over those ads and imagining.

  2. I ended up getting the Supreme Command game by Helen of Toy.
    These were tiny tanks, planes and ships and the infantry were cardboard pieces.
    That's all I could get, all my other letters were returned. "No Canadian or Foreign Orders Accepted!"
    I can still wring the guy's neck who ruined it for everyone else.
    My cousin had Tank Trap, and I loved the figures, I traded for a few, the German with the MG-42 and belts of ammo around his soldiers is still the best.
    I saw an afternoon kids show on CBC that did consumer reports for kids. They reviewed "Cannonball!" , the Helen of Toy US Civil War game.
    They hated it!
    I was yelling at the TV bemoaning the fact that they got a set and my letters were returned!
    I wish someone would redo these simple wargames, I'd buy them by the dozen!