Saturday, April 19, 2014

It's Been A While

Just a quick post of some plasticene conversions. They're on artist canvases that I painted as terrain, just an idea I've been playing with.

Mostly cavalry, some Napoleonic Airfix/Esci/Italeri but the cowboy hat types in evidence as Nine Years War types.
Also I did a couple regiments from Airfix 8th Army copies as English and French regiments.
The first photos have Wurzburg troops.
The house is a foam carving painted to resemble the Chew House.
The trees are florist items on black toothpicks.
Oddly enough, I painted the pink hussars then found their similar historical counterpart on a Knotel print of Danish Hussars.

The cannon is a Mars Swedish Seige cannon.


  1. I am always impressed by gamers who find creatively different approaches to the way they war game. I would certainly like to see more of your H&M troops and the canvas terrain they fight over.

  2. Thank you for the kind comments. The terrain is painted on a large 3 x 2.5 foot canvas frame, the sort you can buy at art stores. This one - I bought 6, were from a clearance store. I had the idea of making large paintings of the terrain of famous battlefields. Waterloo, Blenheim etc., and having these battlefields interlocking in a sense in tht roads would interconnect. The downfall is of course hills. I made some styro foam ones, but they looked poorly on the fields. At Christmas I bought the game"Waterloo" by Phalanx games, and the board put the idea in my head.

  3. The whole set up looks really effective.The trees are an excellent idea,I too look forward to seeing more of your work...

  4. Thank you Tradgardmastare, the framed canvases are 80 by 100 cm. The paint is acrylics and I used the book "The Wargame" edited by Peter Young for the maps. Waterloo is 4 canvases.
    The trees I found at a dollar store. They were 4 pieces for a ollar, styrofoam shapes covered with static grass, set on a couple round toothpicks that are baes on a domino.