Friday, July 9, 2021

More Stuff

 I finished off an old Airfix Hussar unit that I picked up on eBay a long time ago. They needed only a couple of touch ups and a trumpeter and kettle drummer. Whoever painted these did a real nice job. I *think* they are the12th Hussars by the colours. Oddly enough I had the exact colour for the pelisse. It looks like the old enamel Humbrol “hellblau” but I found it in acrylics as “sea foam”. 

Here’s a unit of French “imagination” soldiers using some old Lucky Toys Revolutionary War toys. Sorry about the flag, but I ain’t painting all those tiny fleurs des lis. Maybe I’ll use a Sharpie and draw them over the gold splotches….

Looks like they are arrayed in order to greet some old acquaintances….

Next are some Strelets Highlanders. I had to add a half dozen figures in order to make a unit of 48 (I’ve yet to finish the command base), but the problem was that Strelets figures tower over other 1/72 figures. The only ones who stood eye to eye with them were the Lucky Toys figures. So I converted a few into Waterloo highlanders with plasticine and toothpick muskets.

I played around with a few Airfix British Grenadiers and made some fanciful figures. Loosely based on an illustration of Paris National Guard, I made a couple of small units…

Here’s a couple more pix of those red grenadiers. I tried to slide them in at the appropriate spot but blogger put them at the bottom of the page.


  1. They all look grand Doug and blogger is getting hard to use sometimes. The other day I had a hell of a time just because I copied and pasted a line of text.

  2. I see I brushed off the paint from a carbine when I waxed the hussars.
    A little paint on a toothpick should fix that….