Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Risk Europe

I saw this game a while back.
It said it had 22mm figures.
So I finally bit and bought a copy:
4 colours, with more than 60 miniatures each.
Here’s the meat and potato’s:
Top row has nick knacks, small crown tokens, tiny walled castles and a bag of dice.
The bottom row has the four armies plus a bag of siege weapons.

Here’s the blue army:
Archers have crossbows, men at arms have axes and shields, the cavalry look somewhat Viking-ish with large battle axes.

The green army:
Archers, standard medieval foot soldiers with sword and shield, and barded cavalry.

The purple army:
Definitely a Muslim army look to them. Turbans and scimitars.

Finally the orange army:

These guys look eastern, pole axes and barded cavalry.

The siege weapons:

A catapult, a trebuchet, a giant ballista, and three men with a battering ram.

Now the box says the figures are 22mm tall.
So here are some figure comparisons:
Next to Giant recasts of knights they fit in well.
These Giant figures are available from several toy sellers by the bag. I got mine from ATS toys.
A little pricey.

Archers next to a 1/72 Norman figure. Not a bad match. Btw, there are polish recasts of many Airfix and Revell figures showing up in bags of 100 or so figures.

Another Revell recast shows that he is taller and beefier than the game pieces.

The mounted troops are pretty small.
Here I set them on dominos to be on a level with the other figures.
On the left is a cavalry scout from the game Sid Meier’s Civilization.
On the right is a Revell Saxon.

As for numbers of figures, each army has 35 “footmen” or men at arms.
12 archers
12 cavalry
4 siege engines
1 army banner (a flag on a stick).

So was it worth it?

I really liked the blue siege piece, the three men with a battering ram.
Most of the archers would be useful.
The men at arms would have to be in their own unit or mixed with smallish figures like the giant recasts.

Anyway, the cost was about $50 Canadian, or about $30-$35 US.


  1. An interesting buy with much potential I think.

    1. It would be nice if Hasbro sold packs of figures on their own.

  2. Useful figures even without the boardgame. I have several sets of second hand Napoleonic Risk tiny figures stored away for a rainy day project.

    1. I’ve seen pictures of some standing and firing figures from the Napoleonic set, as opposed to the kneeling figures one usually finds.
      I’m sure you’ve seen the tricorne wearing Risk figures that would make good early Prussians or Spanish?

  3. Risk Europe is IMO a good game, I even manage to play it solo. I have also used the little men to play Commands and Colors.
    Good post, your comparison pics will be especially useful.

    1. Thanks, and it’s good to see you up and posting regularly again.
      Good luck with the fitness.
      I for one am losing the Battle of the Bulge.
      I gotta get back on my bicycle, but my sore butt says no.

    2. I feel your pain, I am walking around like John Wayne!.