Monday, July 27, 2020

A Dollar Store Too Far

Last year was the 75th anniversary of Operation Market Garden, and I started reading up on the battle.
I did the Cornelius Ryan book and watched the movie, listened to some podcasts, caught some interviews with Antony Beevor and watched a YouTube interview he did:


Pretty fascinating.
He concluded that the plan never had a chance, and it was Monty's folly.
Sadly it cost over 10,000 lives.

I also picked up several DVD's about this period of the war.

So I decided to start up making a 1/72nd Airborne force and started with the British first.
But on the cheap.
Model jeeps, whether plastic, resin or metal are pretty dear.
So I scrounged in my pile of toys and painted up a small force.
I also did the "toy soldier" look, given that my figures were a mish mash of makers.
(And try finding any piats)
Cherry red berets in place of the maroon, and high gloss finishes.
Definitely TOY soldiers....

So here we go...

Dollar Store Jeeps (of a kind) with torsos of soldiers added.

The heavies, dropped by glider to be sure. Atlantic anti tank gun, mortars and heavy Mg's. A mix of figures. The pack 75 is nice but a terrible kit to assemble.
Commanders trying to get the radio working. Local help from a pensioner.

The soldiers. A real mix of makers.
A bit of a close up. I have to admit, I had fun painting this lot up, but like everything else, "it's a work in progress".


  1. Great fun playing spot the figure, name the maker. Thanks Doug. Some good figure scrounging there.

  2. Yeah, it was a bit of nostalgia pawing through my old World War 2 guys. I read Featherstone's "Wargaming Airborne Operations" and it is full of pictures of mixed makers, so that's where I got the inspiration. I also managed to find some off scale Dakotas and Horsas (1/100?) so I'll have to scratch build a few more.