Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Warrior Miniatures Army O' The Month

This is the second 100 piece army I purchased this year from John Holt of Warrior Miniatures.


Here's the whole lot:
This is sold as The Army of Xannthippus, and meant for the First Punic War. Here's what you get:
18 Spartan Hoplites, in two styles:

18 Carthaginian Hoplites:

6 skirmishers:
4 War Elephants:
6 Numidian Cavalry, one piece castings, in two styles:

3 Carthaginian Heavy Cavalry:

The elephants come in kit form:

They go together quite easily, I assembled mine with white glue and super glue. Over all a fun army to paint with lots of variation. The elephants are the stars of this group, the least attractive are probably the skirmishers. The hoplites are quite nice, but they have the basic problem of all hoplites and that is the long spears. John includes more than enough, and has various styles of spears available in the set. Sharp eyes might spy several figures returning a Roman pilum. But the long spears do suffer from handling, I broke several and gave up on the lead ones. I instead used the stand by, 20 gauge florist wire from Michael's. And even then I broke off a couple during the photo session. The shields stay on fine, but those spears are a headache.
As for the cost?
It was 40 pounds UK for the army, plus shipping which came to 55 pounds. In Canadian money that was $90. Starting to get pricey, but still a bargain compared to other manufacturers. It's the long distance postage that bumps up the price. 40 quid is just $66 Canadian otherwise.
So you end up with the core of Hannibal's army, as these guys could easily be used in any of the Punic Wars, although this set was probably meant for Bagradas in the First one.
I ordered yet another Warrior army a while back. This one is a bit slower arriving, so I'll hopefully have it painted up in April.
I have to admit I'm enjoying painting these various armies, and the minimal cost is an incentive to experiment with different eras.
I'll post some more of my regular plastic guys soon. I have a hankering to do Edgehill.
Bye for now.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! At one time Warrior had DBA armies in 25mm for sale, which included the options as well.

  2. Very nice Doug, thanks for showing us these. Warriors website unfortunately doesn't show many of their models.

    1. Thank you. You are right though, so much of their catalogue is a mystery, which is a shame.

  3. Hi,

    I apologize if you have said this elsewhere, but are the figures 25/28mm, or 15mm?

    Best regards,

    Chris Johnson

  4. http://www.warrioronline.demon.co.uk/25mm/25ancarmy.htm

    These figures are 25mm.

  5. These figures are about 26-27mm tall, from the bottom of the foot to the top of the bare head.

  6. Very nice Doug!

    I've always liked Warrior Miniatures, good value, and pleasant to deal with. The figures paint up well, too.

  7. I'm enjoying trying the different ranges.

  8. I was just looking at the Warrior army packs when I found your post.
    Excellent thanks very much.