Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Just A Curiosity

I recently was looking in a Dollar Store when I spied these:

It immediately reminded me of the Games Workshop 6 x 4 foot battle terrain they were selling a while back. I toyed with the idea but passed, as they were over $300.
But these are cheap!
So I bought a few and went home.
Here is what they are:
Sadly though, there is only one pattern. I was hoping there were a selection of three or four styles.
So these 1 foot by 1 foot plastic tiles are somewhat limited.
Anyway, I painted a couple just to see:
A basic desert sand being over ridden by my Caesar Hittites.
And a verdant green:

This time topped with some large 1/72 scale Romans, copies of Elastolin I think. Here's another shot, basic paint job with miracle dip.

Well that's it. A shame there aren't other terrain variations, it has potential beyond the price (less than $2 each). I had envisioned mounting 4 on a cardboard base and using putty or plasticene to smooth over the joins.


  1. You've got to try everything once . . . especially from the dollar [pound] stores! And they'll make nice 'plinths' for photography, 'cos they already have!

    You need two more . . . rocks and raging sea!


    1. I have to say I was disappointed when I opened all the packs and saw they were exactly the same.