Sunday, December 19, 2010

Giant Horses and Homecast Riders

I have quite a few riderless horses, and I have a shortage of heavy Ancient/Dark Age cavalry. So I took some automotive gasket silicone and made a simple mold of a figure. The mold was terrible and the figures were what you might call "naff". I did 2 large batches and this is the second, with floral wire spears and a printed Russian iconic banner. My 1st attempt with these guys was about 10 years ago,and they weren't too successful. I had no end of trouble with the spears, and indeed there are several types in the unit. And blobs of hot glue gun residue as moot testimony to my frustration. Back then I used green plasticine as base cover and I used Minwax Tudor Wood Stain to "Miracle Dip" them. But just check out that Russian banner! How's that for announcing you've arrived on the battlefield? P.S. The horse needed crutches after the first action....

The buildings are dollar store christmas stuff, suitably woodsy enough to be Russian...


  1. Seems fantastic..awesome work :)

  2. Thank you! I've actually found a use for the recast Giant horses from Thailand, I've made several regiments, cuirassier, polish lancers, English Civil War cavalry, but I can't load the photos unless I borrow a laptop that runs Google Chrome. In fact I have half a dozen postings that are awaiting my sister's laptop (she works out of town). I'm afraid that Google blogs are suffering in that not everyone has a Chrome compatible computer. I use desktop PC's and Android devices and Chrome just won't work on them.